Gibson Bass Banjo ad 1930Marketing has taken a strong turn towards Social Media and an online presence as of late – but what we should not forget are the 27-percent of people (according to a recent Pew study) who simply don’t tune in. And therefore, they aren’t receiving the well-placed messages (for the majority 73-percent/18-years or older) all of us are sending online.

The traditional, and in some cases termed ‘old school’ marketing techniques are not entirely gone or lacking in usefulness to reach prospective new clients.

These forms of promotion and advertising can be mailers to targeted areas within service areas, print ads in that good old newspaper (or left on vehicle windshields where permitted), on billboards, and even on the radio.

This group that isn’t interested in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other Social Media platforms are in many cases Baby Boomers and the elderly-many of which still have money to spend on a variety of products and services we, or our clients offer.

That’s more than a quarter of the entire population, so if you don’t want to leave prospective business on the table, consider reaching out to them, within the channels they have grown accustomed to over the years.