How many times have you visited a website only to be alerted that you need to install a toolbar into your browser so that you can:

  1. Improve your internet search
  2. Speed up your PC
  3. Stop Malware or Viruses
  4. Help you save money with coupons
  5. Play free games online

There are a multitude of other fantastic things toolbars promise but don’t believe it.

To be honest there are a few toolbars out there that may be helpful, but they come from well respected and large companies. (Google, Yahoo,Microsoft,Norton) Toolbars that come as part of an antivirus suite can be helpful but stick with well known solid companies.(Norton,McAfee, Eset,Trend Micro)

Toolbars that promise to speed up anything are downright fabrications, how can another program running on your system speed it up? A running program uses resources a toolbar is a program. The more programs that are running the slower your system will run. PS Macs are not immune to these browser hijackers.