Spring Vicarious Productions, Inc.

Bunnies have been hopping around, the weather is [finally] breaking and life/business is starting to gain a Spring in step once again!

The Spring season is not only the best time to clean out those closets and clear the cobwebs away – it’s also a time to take a good look at how you are marketing and promoting your business, and the products and/or services you provide.

We’ve talked about gauging your ROI in a previous post; now think about adding some new marketing initiatives – and removing those you have learned over time, just aren’t growing your bottom line.

Ideas for new or refined marketing approaches include:

  • Media Relations-Public Relations: Does your business have a great back-story? An article written about your business via print or digital media can give you a considerable PR boost.
  • Event Marketing: You don’t have to throw a soiree for 300 people and spend hundreds of dollars to host a solid event that boosts your public profile and engages a ‘captive audience’ – to make sure  all are aware of what you can do for their business.
  • Social Media-a Step Further: You can always post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other Social Media platforms, but are you openly engaging your company pages in order to increase exposure? Are you posting content that is relevant to your industry (not just cute pictures)? Enlighten people…showcase your industry expertise.
  • Truly Grow Your Network: One of the best things you can do in business is surround yourself by others who aren’t just interested in helping themselves. Don’t waste your time with networking groups that don’t promote a team mentality. If it’s “every man/woman for themselves”, it should be “let’s see how I can help the business people I know, and connect them with others who could use their products or services.” You will grow real business relationships and begin to build a team around you that cares about your success, too.
  • Try Email Marketing if You Haven’t Already: Studies show email marketing is one of the most effective (and cost-effective) ways to keep your business in front of prospects, while maintaining relationships with current clients and customers. Try sending out a quarterly newsletter, so when your products or services are needed, you are the first they think of.

Vicarious Productions, Inc. is a creative, marketing communications firm that tailors a marketing plan around your specific needs – to get you in front of the right crowd. Contact us today for a free marketing evaluation, and to learn more about how we can increase your exposure and reach to those you want to do business with. Email info@vicariousproductions.com or call 847-654-1269.

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