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Social Media has literally become a staple in marketing plans across a wide array of industries. If your business doesn’t yet have a presence [at least on the big three: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn], it’s time to take a hard look and determine how you can utilize these free avenues to expand your marketing reach and touch your current and future customers.

So once you create the company page and profile, what do you do then? Content – is – King.

The ways that you the business owner, manager, marketing professional or someone climbing the corporate ladder who wants to impress can utilize Social Media are by creating rich content that helps to educate your target demographic. If you don’t educate them prior to (cross your fingers) making that sale, they will do the research online and find it from someone else. So, take charge and become the go-to for valuable information.

How Often is Often Enough?

The goal is to build a relationship, a trust if you will, between your company and the people who may consider utilizing your services someday. Be present, but don’t be in your face. Think about the time of day that you post. Are you doing it right when people come into the office, or when you would think they’d be surfing the internet waiting for lunch or quitting time? Those feeds keep rolling as everyone is adding to it, so pick the time of day that you will likely be close or at the top of it.

The Three S’s: Strategic, Succinct and Sharp

Once your figure out the time of day and how many times in a week you want to post, the way you approach that rich content will either make them never forget you or make them want to forget you. Strategic=useful. Succinct=not terribly long…web consumption is a grab and go for the most part. Sharp=get to the point, and make it matter.

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