Vicarious Multimedia logo When I founded my company, here is what I had: a laptop and a big idea. That was it.

I grew up around entrepreneurs….my father, mother, aunts and uncles all owned small businesses – and I watched them, intently. I studied successful people in general, and witnessed my relatives and others who I learned to respect, working to make their American Dream work for them – and I’m proud to say, it did.

I saw commitment, passion, drive, and an inexhaustible desire to make things work – no matter what the cost…that took time away from family and children at times, in order to make a life better than one had come from. I respected that back when I started my business in 2004, and I respect it even more now..

My suggestion for any person who has the courage to start a business (and it takes courage – especially when no one is backing you up – like my experience): I have but one suggestion: this business must derive from something you cannot live without. Something you completely adore and have a true passion for – because, it is something (whatever it is) you must live with, each day for quite some time…if you plan on succeeding at it.

For me, that is most definitely marketing and PR. I am driven by assisting business owners, non-profits and individuals to clarify their messaging – so that it makes sense to those they want to reach….and then, conveying it through a variety of channels to get that message to those it is intended to reach.

Sounds simple, right? Well, it’s not quite that simple, but if you have a real desire to help others (like I do, we do, at Vicarious Productions)….it can be done….poetically, with energy, and passion and power – and in a way that breeds future success. It all comes from a real place of wanting to help, and truly understanding our clients in order to be a real communicator for them.

Vicarious means ‘living through’ and we take our own entrepreneurial background while applying it to others, in other specialties. We help them to reach those they need to reach..however, it must be done. And yes, whatever method that work is implemented!

We invite you to see the passion that we have for assisting our clients. Enjoy a free consultation, and get to know us. You won’t be disappointed…..our success is yours.

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