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When you set out to start your own business, you had a goal – an image and message in mind you wanted those who encountered it, to understand.

A good question to ask yourself as an entrepreneur is….have you been true to your brand, meaning….have you followed your brand identity to ensure it conveys what you want it to?

Creating an identity in the marketplace is the key to becoming noticed over time. You want consumers to see your logo, and know what they will get if they decide to work with you or patronize your business.

Key elements of business branding include your logo, company colors, fonts and overall presentation. These are in addition to content and images you use in marketing communications, your company tagline (if you have one) and anything else that draws a picture about what your business is, and what it will do for the consumer.

Some branding (and rebranding) tips include:

  • Make the goals for the services and/or products you provide for your clients and customers, clear. (No mixed messages)
  • Ensure your public image is consistent-work within the framework you created at the start. (If you develop new products, services or promises, be sure they fall in line somehow with the brand you have already created)
  • Communicate what sets you apart. (Brand, in part, is showing people how you are different, and better than others who do what you do)
  • Build and protect the trust you have with clients and customers. (Don’t go back on promises you have made through your brand)
  • Become the go-to expert in your field-which can become part of your brand. For current and future clients and customers, this provides valuable information to showcase  expertise in your field and endear you with these people. (Everyone is researching online today, save them the trouble)

Protect your brand, and nurture it as it grows. Nothing says you can’t evolve over time, but keep those common ingredients that brought you success in the first place –  with you.