Red Carpet

Who would turn down a captive audience, all in one place, where potential customers and clients can learn more about you-your products/services? The biggest issue we encounter for the business owners we meet is the need to extend the reach of your brand and messaging.

Putting an event together may sound daunting, but you can keep it simple and cost- effective, while also receiving a big boost in exposure for your business.

Don’t have a storefront? Team up with a business that does. Cross-promoting an event, and the subsequent businesses involved not only lessens your load, but it also increases your reach. You’ve got your email/mailing list, AND that of the business you are teaming up with.

Have a strorefront? Use it then! Get people into your location, so they can see first-hand who you are and what you can do for them.

The power of Social Media in promoting your event. You’ve got friends, business acquaintances, and (hopefully) happy customers that are open to helping to promote your messages on Social Media platforms. Don’t forget-‘like’ and/or ‘comment’ and/or ‘share’. This activity is exactly what all the platforms want-engagement on their sites. This benefits you by keeping you higher in the news feeds, which in then end  helps you reach more people.

Get other businesses involved with special offers, giveaways and coupons at your event. Give attendees a takeaway bag (get that donated, too), and if other businesses give you goodies that help to promote them-require them to assist in promoting through Social Media if they want in on the promotion.

Does all of this sound like too much to bother with because you’re just plain too busy with business and life?? Then, hire a company who can expertly execute your event and get you the results you are looking for. Vicarious Productions, Inc. is one of many that can help to expertly-execute your next event!

About Vicarious Productions, Inc.:

Vicarious Productions, Inc. is a marketing communications firm that gets you noticed. Whether its creating, or freshening up the all-important plan for your marketing, public/media relations and events, we work to get you in front of the right crowd. Visit us online at