The art of communication is the language of leadership. – James Humes

Founded in 2004, Vicarious Multimedia is a multi-faceted communications firm serving the greater Chicagoland area. Our clients include local government, professional associations, nonprofits and closely-held businesses.

VM thrives on challenges, we run toward adversity (when we must) and we will not stop until we develop, nurture and execute our clients’ messages through the optimal communication channels – based solely on their unique needs.

Our service offerings include:

Marketing Communications:

  • Professional Writing, Editing and Copywriting
  • Website Design, Development and Maintenance
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Management

Video Productions:

  • Artfully created videos that tell the story about upcoming initiatives, the organization’s brand, highlighted services or products, and any other project where video will elevate the message to the target audience or demographic

Public Relations:

  • Public information Campaigns
  • Public Relations Projects
  • Crisis communications

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We Thrive On Challenging Projects That Produce Bigger Rewards.

The Right Tools. The Right Solution.

Social Media Management

Vicarious Multimedia is a multi-faceted communications firm specializing in Marketing Communications, Video Productions and Public Relations through three distinct divisions:

  • Vicarious Marketing Communications: professional writing, editing and copywriting services, graphic design, website design, management and maintenance, and social media management. Any project or campaign that involves the written word is professionally handled through monthly retainers or on a per project/ala carte basis.
  • Vicarious Productions: the dedicated video production division that artfully creates a wide variety of videos for local government, professional associations, nonprofits and closely-held businesses. Whatever type of client, the goal remains consistent – to assist in telling the story or communicating important messages through video.
  • Vicarious Public Relations: public relations and public information consulting and campaigns, and crisis communications services are offered. Oftentimes, challenges are expected, and during other times, crisis happens quickly. Our professionals can initiate services within one hour of a situation that requires an immediate need.

Each of these professional service offerings share commons threads relating to the strong engagement with, and intimate understanding of our clients and the audiences they seek to reach. Our professional team – made up of writers and editors, public relations professionals, graphic designers, website developers, photographers and videographers – positions our clients in front of the ‘right crowd’ to tell their story. Our overarching goal is to communicate important messages in a succinct, intelligent and organized fashion. Together, our team brings more than 40 years of collective expertise to the creative table. A wide variety of communication channels are utilized by VM, all of which are chosen through a custom-tailored, ‘no one size fits all approach’ to truly serve our clients and their best interests.

Upon engaging with clients, the VM team takes a highly consultative approach, and spends the necessary time to understand their identity, their function (what they do), and how they provide value to their target demographic. Next, we develop an exclusive strategy to ensure we not only reach, but surpass, their communication goals.

Our motto is simple:

Vision . . . Delivered.