The RPC downtown improvement project began in June of 2019; work will resume in the spring to complete reconstruction of the covered bridge.

Long Grove, Illinois – On the afternoon of Friday, November 15, 2019, Robert Parker Coffin (RPC) Road and the historic RPC bridge were officially reopened after being closed for several months due to the ongoing RPC Road project. Enhancements resulting from this project have so far included road reconstruction, extension of the public watermain, and aesthetic improvements such as ADA accessible sidewalks, new curbs and landscaping.

“We are thrilled to have RPC Road and the bridge open so that residents and visitors alike can enjoy unlimited access to our downtown heading into the holiday season,” said Village President Bill Jacob. “We have so many unique businesses to shop at, and restaurants to enjoy. The Historic Downtown Long Grove Business Association (HDLGBA) also is providing some very special holiday events, attractions and activities for the entire family.”

Area residents are invited to take a break from the big box stores and busy malls to enjoy the quaint backdrop and distinctive vintage feel of the historic downtown. Among the HDLGBA offerings are visits and pictures with Santa Claus, holiday carolers, and horse-drawn sleigh rides, all beginning November 23. Visit for more information.

The RPC project is substantially completed; installation of period style streetlights and the activation of the new traffic signal at RPC and Old McHenry roads will occur over the next month. Restoration and installation of the bridge’s new wooden cover is planned to begin in the spring of 2020.

Village President Jacob would like to extend his sincere appreciation to all who have demonstrated patience during this period of progress in downtown Long Grove, which initially began in the June of 2018 with the start of the Old McHenry Road (OMR) project. The RPC Road project started exactly one year later as the OMR project was entering its final stages. That project end this past September and culminated with an official street lighting ceremony.

“Our businesses have been champions during these ongoing improvements, but will reap the benefits, along with the entire Village, from a revived and greatly improved downtown area,” Jacob said.

The Village of Long Grove has invested nearly $8 million in public infrastructure upgrades which support the existing merchants but is the result of goals to attract new businesses and private investments through the continuing downtown revitalization.

Motorists are reminded that trucks and vehicles that are more than 3 tons or 6,000 pounds are prohibited from crossing the RPC bridge. While the RPC Road project was planned, reconstruction of the bridge became necessary due to damages it sustained that were caused by an oversized box truck that drove through it in the summer of 2018.
Enjoy all the charms of Long Grove this holiday season!

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David Lothspeich