The new year is the perfect time to set new goals for yourself, and for you in your business world. Many times, those two things are really one in the same. Whether you are an owner, a manager or an employee who takes pride in what they do, there are some simple steps you can take to make 2014 your best year ever.

“Time is money.” – Benjamin Franklin.

Just be on time. Did you know that a common thread among the most successful people in the world is that they are always on time (or even early)? Time waits for no one. Benjamin Franklin was quoted as saying that time is equal to money and that is true, in many ways. Not only when you’re punching a clock, but for others who are waiting for you to arrive on their time.

Be the Best You Can Be

No one can ever be faulted for giving it their all. True and real effort shows-hands down. You might not be an Olympian, most of us are not. But, if you really take the time to master whatever it is that you are doing right now (knowing that it might not be your long-term professional goal), you’ll be noticed-guaranteed. And many times, that effort will lead you to bigger and better things.

Look the Part

A wise old boss once said, “Fake it until you make it.” Now, we’re not condoning being a fake or a phony. But, an air of confidence gives those around you a sense that you know what you’re doing or at least that you know where you want to go. Study all you can, believe in the chances you take, and ultimately, you won’t have to fake it because you will have made it. It’s really that simple.

The Early Bird Catches the Worm

Get up early-no sleeping late! You can do some of your best thinking when it’s quiet, and you have the time to focus your attention. It’s also a great time to form your plan of attack–to think about the goals you want to accomplish for the day, the week, the month or even the year. Write them down, and check them off as you go. You’ll appreciate it as you draw big thick lines through those tasks you need to knock off that list.

Build a Circle of Trust Around You

As you start to build a clientele or even a network of people around you that you can trust-ask them to help you reach your business goals. Having people around you who know you and your abilities are the best mouthpiece you could have for others who may be considering hiring you. Ask them who they know in business that might be a smart good introduction. And, don’t forget to return the favor. Help the people you know in business meet others who can help them in turn.

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