When we are young, others can have an incredible impact on who we ultimately become.  I was personally, very fortunate to have adults in my life who were encouragers – people who saw the best in me and consistently told me I would make something of myself. It’s something that is burned in my memory, and I pull it out whenever I have even a shred of doubt about anything.

There is a tremendous power in giving that nudge, that positive affirmation to others – especially the young. This can create possibilities, and dreams that can someday be fulfilled. Thoughts become things, after all. If you don’t visualize it first, how can it ever come to be?

This power of encouragement has now been transferred to my young son. At just five years of age, he already knows that he can do anything he sets his mind to. Anything. I have him repeat it back to me when I say it to him, so it burns in his memory as well so he can pull it out someday when he needs it.

I want to encourage you to do this for those around you who deserve it, and those who need it. Whether it is a small mention of noticeable hard work or an acknowledgement of some accomplishment – no matter how big or small – do it for others. Do it for your children, nieces and nephews and even the teenager who lives down the block. And you can do it for adults you know, too. Tell them all you see the best in them, and that you believe in what they can do and become.

There is so much negativity swirling around the world, don’t you think we can fight that off by spreading some positivity?

In my experience, thoughts really DO become things.

“Just once in his life, a man has his time, and my time is now, I’m coming alive,” John Parr.