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                                                                                                    10.40.10 Fitness Honors Community Hero,

Nathan Halterman

The Stevenson High School alumni and basketball team manager passed away at the age of 22 after a 14-year, valiant battle with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

November 17, 2022 (VPR) Deer Park, Illinois – 10.40.10 Fitness, a veteran-led company with a core mission to honor heroes who have made a true impact on the lives of others, will host a Train American Hero Mission workout and fundraiser on Saturday, November 26 at Durty Nellie’s in downtown Palatine.

This mission will honor local community hero Nathan Halterman, the son of beloved 10.40.10 community member Lesly Ravenscraft, who valiantly battled Duchenne muscular dystrophy for 14 years before passing away at the age of 22 on November 30, 2019. The benefitting charity for this event is Parent Project MD, an organization that advocates for the quality of life and medical care for patients, provides a range of supports for them and their families, and fights to end this degenerative disease that ultimately robs those who have it of all mobility.

“Nathan’s diagnosis set my family on a journey to find the right care for him, and Parent Project MD became a vital supporting part of our community,” Ravenscraft said. “Through all the pain and suffering he had to go through, Nathan was a real hero to me and so many others who were fortunate to know him. I am honored that 10.40.10 has chosen to recognize the bravery and courage he showed throughout his young life, and at the 3-year anniversary of his passing.”

Despite Nathan’s deteriorating condition as he entered Stevenson High School, he maintained a love for sports – in particular basketball – and became the manager of the high school’s basketball team. While there, he and player Jalen Brunson developed a special bond. Brunson went on to play in the NBA, first on the Dallas Mavericks (2018-2022) and now with the New York Knicks. He has dedicated every game he has played since to Nathan and his memory. (View a video of Brunson shortly after Nathan’s passing here). (Recent video of Brunson speaking about Nathan and mentioning the upcoming event here).

The Train American Hero Mission workout is open to members and non-members of 10.40.10 Fitness. The workout will include teams of three working to complete as many rounds as possible during a 33-minute WAR (Work and Repeat). The WAR entails rowing, sit-ups and kettlebell thrusters. The doors open at 8 a.m. and there will be three different heats for the hero workout: 9 a.m., 10:30 a.m. or noon. The registration link can be found here. Spectator tickets are also available on the site if you would like to join the event. At 1:15 p.m. Challenge Coins will be given to teams able to finish the designated number of rounds, followed by a mission wrap up ceremony. Visit



Media Contact for Interview with Lesly Ravenscraft and/or Alex Witt, founder of 10.40.10 Fitness and a U.S. Navy Veteran:


Melanie Santostefano

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About Parent Project MD:

Duchenne is a fatal genetic disorder that slowly robs people of their muscle strength. Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy (PPMD) fights every single battle necessary to end Duchenne.


PPMD demands optimal care standards and ensures every family has access to expert healthcare providers, cutting edge treatments and a community of support. The organization invests deeply in treatments for this generation of Duchenne patients, and on research that will benefit future generations. These advocacy efforts have secured hundreds of millions of dollars in funding and won four FDA approvals.


Everything PPMD does—and everything they have done since it was founded in1994—helps those with Duchenne live longer, stronger lives. The organization will not rest until it is able to end Duchenne for every single person affected by the disease. Join the fight against Duchenne at Follow PPMD on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


About 10.40.10 Fitness:

10.40.10 is a Veteran-led fitness community on a mission to rebuild the American lifestyle with a new generation of Patriots. 10.40.10 provides safe and intelligent functional fitness classes that are led by the BEST COACHES IN AMERICA, supported by proprietary technology, and proven to increase strength and stamina. Every workout follows a military tempo, honors a fallen solider, and is programmed on a one-hour time structure: 10 minutes of muscle activation, 40 minutes of Strength and Stamina, and 10 minutes of decompression.


The fitness center has locations in Deer Park and Glenview (Illinois) and take prides in American freedoms and honors the sacrifices made to by many to keep it that way. The “Train American” app will be launching SOON so that individuals can perform the BEST WORKOUT IN AMERICA from anywhere in the world! Train Safely. Train Intelligently. Train American. Visit