LinkedIn Showcase Page

Vicarious Multimedia creates content & manages showcase pages for clients.

So, what are LinkedIn Showcase Pages? These are niche pages that derive from a company page that provide an opportunity to promote specific products or services, or communicate to niche market, vertical, demographic or other unique audience.

LinkedIn users can follow a specific showcase page(s) without following the main company page or other showcase pages. Once content is published on them, LinkedIn provided dedicated analytics for each page. Each showcase page can have up to three dedicated hashtags.

Vicarious Multimedia recently launched three service-related pages, including Vicarious Productions (video), Vicarious Public Relations (PR) and Vicarious Marketing Communications (websites-graphic design-writing and editing-social media), and a fourth page – Vicarious Happenings, that will be dedicated to local events in the greater Chicagoland area.

What Makes Showcase Pages Different?

Showcase pages have a larger hero (banner) image, and allow businesses to create a focused, relevant content experience for a particular target audience, which can drive deeper engagement with the brand. Businesses can advertise and buy sponsored updates. Unlike Company Pages, there are no careers, products, or services tabs at the top of the page and employee profiles cannot be associated with a showcase page.

Tips & Tricks for Building Your Audience

Create an update introducing your new showcase page, and target this to your most relevant company page followers, inviting them to get more in-depth content on the areas of most interest to them.

Include links to the showcase page in all external communications to relevant customers, including emails, newsletters and blog posts.

Use Direct Sponsored Content to share showcase page updates with the target audience.

Create Follower Ad campaigns for your showcase page, to target relevant audiences on LinkedIn. Follower Ad campaigns deliver a personalized call to action that incorporates a LinkedIn member’s profile picture. When a member clicks to follow your Showcase Page, a notification is sent across their network, spreading awareness among other potentially relevant people as well.

Keep the page itself updated with fresh, relevant content. This helps to keep giving your target audience new reasons to engage and provides new opportunities to deliver a taste of the showcase page in their LinkedIn feed through sponsored content.

Ask yourself how regularly you are producing content for that specific audience. Many of the most effective showcase pages feature two or three updates each week. This may mean having a team member or consultant devoted to developing content and managing Showcase pages.

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