The rapidly growing company was featured at the EUHA Conference and is focused on research and development of balanced armature speakers.

Bellsing Team at EUHA Conference 2019October 30, 2019 (VPR) Lisle, Illinois, USA – Global developer and supplier of high precision acoustic components, Bellsing, was among 150 exhibitors at the European Union of the Hearing Aid Acousticians (EUHA) 64th annual conference in Nürnberg, Germany. The convention is the largest in the world for hearing technology and took place October 16-18, 2019.
In addition to exhibitors, the EUHA conference included expert lectures presented by internationally renowned speakers, and showcased innovation in the fields of artificial intelligence, acoustic feedback reduction and innovative sensor technology.

Bellsing is focused on the development of Balanced Armature (BA) speakers; key industries include hearing aids and in-ear monitors. Ongoing research and development (R&D) for BA speaker technology is a top priority.

“We were fortunate to be the largest BA speaker company that exhibited at the conference, and it was a huge success for Bellsing,” said Daniel Warren, Ph.D., Bellsing’s chief technology officer. “Visitors were excited about our vigorous engineering team, and that we are willing to take strategic risks in order to advance the industry.”
The company is emerging as a hearing technology industry leader due to a consistent willingness to develop around customer needs. Additionally, its leadership prides itself on being nimble and capable of rapidly developing customized products for customers around the world.

“Bellsing is focused on upgrading legacy products and generating ideas for the future development of BA speakers,” Warren said. “What sets us apart is our dedication to our customers no matter their size, and our continual commitment to reinvesting into balanced armature R&D.”

Customers in its key industries have welcomed Bellsing as a new supplier and partner in development activities. While no opportunity is too small in terms of order size, Bellsing has the technological capabilities to handle large and complex development opportunities.

The company has a global operations and sales center in Shenzhen, China, a R&D center in Lisle, Illinois, USA, a supply chain and transit center in Hong Kong, China, a production center in Suzhou, China, and customer service centers around the world in Asia, Europe and North America.