Vicarious Productions, Inc. (VM) is a comprehensive marketing firm serving the Chicagoland area since 2004, who takes a highly consultative approach into learning your unique goals. Marketing your product or services efficiently requires a company who can walk in your shoes, and tailor solutions specific to your needs.

The approach you-or someone you hire-takes to market your products or services is not likely a replicable exercise. No two products or services are the same, and therefore no two marketing strategies can be either.

So what is the universal answer to the question of, ‘what is successful marketing?’ Well, it might not be an answer, per se, but rather specific approaches that marketing professionals (or marketing savvy owners and employees) take, which have proven effective in the real world.

Get Organized

If you don’t set clear goals for what you want to achieve, how will you know if you ever get there? And even if you don’t reach your goals initially-you can always adjust them. Setting them in the first place gives you a standard to measure up against. Invest in a Marketing Plan, and don’t be afraid to revise it as you go along.

Know Your Brand-Or Get to Know it

Does your product (or the person behind it) possess a truly unique selling point? Maybe there’s a great back story to how the business began. Or, what about the philanthropic business owner who donates 10% of all sales to favorite charity.  Ask yourself, ‘what’s the catch, or what would make someone gravitate towards me or my product over similar options?’ Determine how you stand out.

Don’t Forget the Almighty Customer

A normal presumption is that marketing initiatives means you are fishing for ‘new’ customers. But what about those you already have? You’ve built (or hopefully are starting to build) relationships with them. Stay in touch with them – they offer a wealth of knowledge. Ask them questions about what caused them to choose you in the first place. Don’t forget to make them aware of ALL the products and/or services you provide. A major mistake in marketing is not looking right in your own back yard for gold. Strong customer relationships are your key to building a successful foundation.

Utilize All Avenues Possible

Sure, there’s the postcard mailer with an amazing deal you’re offering, but are you utilizing all the different avenues marketing has to offer? Events are a fantastic way to hold a captive audience all in one place-to make them aware of who you are and what you could provide to them. And don’t forget Social Media and blogging-both free ways to get your name out to that next potential customer or client. Or, it can always serve to remind your current customers or clients about all you have to offer. Take a varied approach to reach and engage your target audience.


Vicarious Productions, Inc. In addition to public/media relations, websites and graphic design, VM provides marketing guidance for small to medium-sized business and non-profit organizations, including marketing plans, Social Media management and event planning and execution. Visit Vicarious Productions online to learn more.