The popular entertainment and event venue, pub and restaurant is working on plans for a partial reopening within the next month.
February 4, 2019 (VPPR) Palatine, IL. – Durty Nellie’s in downtown Palatine is taking all the steps necessary to reopen its doors as soon as possible, in the aftermath of a fire that occurred in its kitchen Friday, January 25, 2019. The popular entertainment and event venue, pub and restaurant has been closed since that date; clean up and restoration efforts began almost immediately, and owners James and Mark Dolezal are now working closely with the Village of Palatine to address code and permit requirements – with a goal to partially reopen within the next month.
Durty Nellie’s has submitted plans to the Village to reopen the bar/pub, band room and mezzanine, and to resume all events and other programming within the next month. The kitchen will not be able to reopen as quickly, since the majority of the damages from the fire occurred there and will take longer to address. Repairs must be made to the south wall (interior and exterior), as well as the refurbishing or replacement of all kitchen equipment.
As part of the partial reopening plan, and to address food service requirements per Palatine Village Code, Durty Nellies is partnering with local restaurants to provide food for patrons until the kitchen is fully operational again. The Village of Palatine will be considering approval of the partial reopening plan at an upcoming meeting.
In the meantime, Durty Nellie’s is addressing a punch list of other damages caused by the fire, which include the total replacement of the wood floor due to water damage, and the replacement of all 18 televisions, all of which were located throughout the pub/restaurant. A property restoration company is vacuuming, and cleaning all surfaces due to smoke damage and ensuring there is no additional water damage in the subfloors and in the walls.
In regard to parties and other events that are scheduled over the next month, Durty Nellie’s staff has already begun to reach out to groups to update them on the status of the reopening, and of their events. Anyone with questions can email
“Despite the work ahead of us, we remain optimistic and thankful for the outpouring of support we have received,” said James Dolezal. “We have been working very closely with Village staff who are helping us to address what we need to – to get back to business as soon as we can,”
As far as the yearly St. Patrick’s Day parade and huge downtown Palatine celebration on Saturday, March 16, 2019 – of which Durty Nellie’s is a founding and presenting sponsor – the day will go on as planned, with a few minor, and exciting arrangements that will be announced soon on the Durty Nellie’s website and Facebook page.
Dolezal says the holiday will be an especially exciting day, and one that he is personally looking forward to, as the past week and the road ahead are challenging, though still full of hope.
“The St. Paddy’s celebration is going to be as big, and as great as ever. We look forward to seeing everyone at Durty Nellie’s soon to celebrate our comeback,” he said.
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