Thank you for agreeing to play a part in the ILCMA video to promote careers in local government to young people –both high school and college-aged. Each of you will bring a different area of focus to this video to showcase the impact local government has on the community, as well as how each role plays an integral role fits in bringing a new development to town.

The brief survey below will help us to execute messaging through each of your areas of focus / departments / roles. We kindly ask that you complete this survey by this Thursday, July 23, 2020 end of business.

We look forward to meeting you (or seeing you again) to complete this important project aimed at ushering in a new crop of future leadership in local government.

~The Vicarious Multimedia Team

**Please note that for any filming, face covers, along with safe social distancing will be strictly observed by our team members.

Capturing the Essence of Each of Your Departments and the Impact You Have

Please try to keep your answers as brief and succinct as possible. Each of your roles must be communicated in roughly 30 seconds throughout this video. We know it sounds brief, but it can be done!